November 1998 : FAbienne

EDO DRAM Controller Evaluation Board

This controller was designed for CT2 rev B and modified for the Phenix 060 (060 BURST).



November 1998 : PatriCIa

PCI Bridge Evaluation Board

This card uses the PCI bridge of the Phenix 060.

The first PCI card is a S3 Virge DX 4MBytes.



August 1998 : PREFACE 301

DSP56301 Evaluation Board

This card is the PHENIX's validation DSP & SOUND card.

Its DSP56301 (a member of the last DSP generation from MOTOROLA) runs at 80 MHz and uses 384 KBytes of 15 ns SRAM for its data storage.

The CT2A CPU accesses the DSP Host Port (24-Bit) at 50 MHz reaching a data rate of 22 MBytes/s. Remember that a FALCON achieves only 3.5 MBytes/s with the 8-Bit HOST port of the 56001 !

An extension connector (left border) allows to plug the PHENIX's Audio card called MELODIE-20.

MELODIE-20, wich is a part of the PHENIX 060 mainboard, uses a 20-Bit 44.1 kHz / 48 kHz CODEC for the highest audio quality.


Benchmarks :

MACHINE PROCESSOR    MIPS Internal RAM rate External RAM rate
FALCON at 16 MHz 32 MHz 56001 16 48 MBytes/s 48 MBytes/s
F030+CT2+PREFACE 80 MHz 56301 80 240 MBytes/s 120 MBytes/s

Design works (636KB) :