Ethernet-USB card for Falcon & TT/MSTE


This project is cancelled.

All data files are available and not copyrighted.

If you are interested, please contact me.


This chart is intended to Falcon (all cases) and to TT030/MegaSTE.

For TT030, a small adding card connecting on the VME ribbon cables into the machine allows to output 2 ribbon cables of 50 & 34 wires to connect diretly the CTlink as an external card of the TT030, giving the possibility to use a VME card (Matrix, Nova, Crazy Dots, Spektrum, StarTrack, AlberTT, Pams, ...). This board is named TT2F30 and is simply a TT & MSTE to Falcon Bus interface ! More infos

For CT60/CT63, a product more powerful (66MHz & 32-bit bus) is available at NATURE : EtherNAT. The boards CTLink and EtherNAT are based on same Ethernet and USB controllers (SMSC LAN91C111 & Philips ISP1160). http://nature.atari.org/


Features :

- 1 port Ethernet 10/100Mbits. - 2 ports USB 2.0 FAST Speed (1.5 & 12 Mbits).

- Connectors USB and Ethernet (with 2 Leds) placed between the joystick and cartridge ports of the Falcon : you just have to make a rectangular hole in the plastic case.

- Possibility of deferring elsewhere (for the towers) the left part of CTLink (to be crossed according to dotted line) with 4 connectors 2x5 pins mal and adding of two 10 wires ribbon cables. The USB pin header is compatible with the PC market 'USB front Header' pinout = you can connect a 2xUSB connectors bracket.

- Falcon Bus connectors (option : to be soldered) to insert an old card (Nova, Eclipse, ScreenEye, ...).

- Compatible with Falcon Bus speed from 16 to 25 MHz (hardware optimized timing by software test from the driver).

- Software Ethernet layer developed by NATURE : http://nature.atari.org/

- Software USB layer developed by Jan Thomas: www.janthomas.f2s.com

- Support of the CTLink by MyAES : http://myaes.free.fr

- Price : 100 EUR.  MSTE/TT030 = +30 EUR (adaptor).


Software and drivers :

All the developers are wellcome and must contact Jan to develop USB drivers for :

- Cameras. Zview will be able to use them : http://the.zorro.free.fr/zview.html

- Scanners / Printers

- Modems

- Mouses / Keyboards / Joysticks



USB part schematics :