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68060 Now MC Status with New E41J Mask

Motorola will consider this change approved unless specific conditions of acceptance are provided in writing within 30 days of receipt of this notice. To do so, contact your local Motorola Sales Office.

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Wafer Process, Design Change
Networking Systems
Additional Reliability Data
Contact your local Motorola Sales Office

For any questions concerning this notification:

Contact: Mike Wilson
Phone: 512-895-2151

Description and Purpose

Motorola is pleased to announce a new mask for the for the MC68060 product in the MOS11 wafer fab at the Motorola Oak Hill site, Austin, Texas. The new MOS11 mask set, E41J, will replace the G65V mask set currently manufactured in the MOS11 wafer fab. The E41J mask is a shrink of the G65V mask set.

Motorola is also pleased to announce that the status of the 68060 is now upgraded from XC status to MC status.

Qualification Plan

See Reliability Data Summary

Reliability Data Summary

Block text

Electrical Characteristic Summary

No change in electrical performance

Changed Part Identification

New marking: E41J mask set identification instead of G65V, no revision suffix will follow the speed indicator, and MC status will be marked instead of XC.

Sample Availability

Samples are available under part number XC68060RC50C. Samples will be limited to 10 Per Customer. To order samples, please contact your local Motorola Sales Office. .

Affected Device List (Without Specials)

PC68060RC66C SC414312RC60 SC414313RC50 SC414329RC60A
SC414341RC66 SPAK060RC50A XC68060RC50 XC68060RC50A
XC68060RC50C XC68060RC60A XC68060RCA XC68060RCB
XC68060RCC XC68060RCQ    

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