FLASH & software

PACK (FLASH, CPX, Tools, Manual, Patchs & Sources) on Didier's pages : http://didierm.pagesperso-orange.fr/


Chips ABE & SDR

Last update for all CT60/63  + CTPCI - January 2012 : ABE_V7F ; SDR_V7D

Replace ABE7A & SDR7A with following features :

- Support for new IDE port on CTPCI and the SWAP of the 2 IDE ports.

  WARNING, see the fitting documentation because there is an IRQ wire to connect between CTPCI & F030.

  It is not recommended to use the new port with too old devices (before 1998) that may not support transfers with PIO MODE4.

- New WatchDog with new delays = 80us at 100 MHz & 120us at 66 MHz

- Modification of the local arbiter (F030, 060, Exp. Slot (CTPCI, SuperVidel) 

  to run together Radeon + NEC USB cards and SDMA+Blitter. 

Replace ABE5M & SDR5E with following features :

- TS delayed of 1 clk : no more limit for high speed higher than 100 Mhz. 
- Replace ABE Watch dog clk from SDR by F030 clk (16/25Mhz).

- New ABE WatchDog timing for PCI MEM & IO on CTPCI : 64us.
- Modify TBI decoding : Burst with Move16 is now usable on all expand slot addresses.
- New Local Arbiter (previous one was designed in 2003 and never tested !). 
- Decode BOOT signal in SDR for ABE flash boot : no more need TOS chip on falcon in 060 mode ! 


Initial version for CT60 (compatible with CT63) - 2006 : ABE_V5M ; SDR_V5E


Recommended for CT60/63 alone (no add-on board).



To program the chips ABE & SDR, you can contact me or buy a JTAG cable to transfer from // port to the chips.

This cable exists ready-to-use to many vendors. It will not run as it is on TOS machines.

Here are 2 links to buy (you can find many others) :

FRANCE : http://www.lextronic.fr/recherche.php?rech=jtag&numpage=10

CANADA : http://www.renaelectronics.com/product_x_cable.htm


Two ways :



1- Program with a PC (USB or // cable)



PC software is available free to www.xilinx.com. The name is IMPACT and you will find it in the WEBPACK to be downloaded


The good link to help you with PC, software & cable : http://nokturnal.pl/home/atari_16_32_bit/ct60_firmware_upgrade




2- Program with the Falcon (// cable)



To run the cable on your Falcon,  you need to modify it : disconnect the wire of pin #13 & connect to the pin #10 of the DB25 connector

You need too to reorganize the order of the wires on the JTAG  connector as on the schematics or pinout in the CT60 documentation (in the software pack)


Other way : make the cable yourself.

Schematics of the cable for TOS (PDF) : Download ZIP file (15 KB). PC version schematics is on Xilinx web site.


Do not unplug CT60/63 to program ABE from the Falcon

Solder a 1 to 10K resistor between pin #1 & #10 of one of the three 74LVC245A chips. When launching FLASH060 from 030 mode, NVDI must be running to avoid Blitter to be used by the system ! Now, you will not have to touch the CT...to program from the Falcon // port.


CTCM for CT60

Add 2 wires under the CT60 as on the picture below.

These wires are connecting from I2C bus pins of SDRAM to pins #2 & #3 of the oscillator socket.



PCB of first CT60 (2003)

These modifications concern only the first CT60 (2003). It is obligation for all update of ABE & SDR chip on these CT60.

Cut pin #9 of CY2309 and the trace as indicated on the pictures