CTCM for CT60

This module is useless for the CT63 because it is included on.

The CT Clock Module is a small PCB that is plugged on the oscillator socket of the CT60.

CTCM replaces the oscillator with the big advantage being programmable from the CT60 CPX on your desktop and allowing you to try/select the better frequency for your CT60 (060, SDRAM & BUS). Now you will be able to explore the overcloking limits of your 060 CPU !

The frequency range is selectable from 33 to 110 MHz by steps of 50KHz !

There are 2 possible configurations on the CT60 (and CT63) :

 - your 060 is a Rev.1 that supports 66 MHz or a Rev.6 --> the CTCM starts at 66 MHz by default and you can go up to 110 MHz.

- your 060 is a Rev.1 that does not support 66 MHz --> the CTCM must be set (strap to be cut : no solder) and the starting frequency is 33 MHz and you can go up to 66 MHz.

This module get no height problems to use a daughter card on the CT60/63 expansion bus.

BE CAREFULL with insertion of the CTCM !



Under the CT60, you have to solder 2 wires to put I2C bus on the oscillator socket (the module needs I2C to be programmed from the CPX).

This picture show you the positions of the 2 wires. Left white straight is the border of the CT60.

CTCM.zip (30KB)