Didier Mequignon  CT60 FLASH & TOOLS, ANYPLAYER, PPC & COLDFIRE cards http://pagesperso-orange.fr/didierm/
Henrik and Torbjörn Gildå

- EtherNAT : Ethernet + USB card for the CT60.

- SUPERVIDEL : Videl compatible graphics card for the CT60.

- Planning 060 versions of the games and utils (Reeking Rubber).

Jan Thomas USB Host adptor on F030 DSP port + USB driver. www.janthomas.org.uk
Patrice Mandin - Doom, Heretic & Hexen http://pmandin.atari.org/
Olivier Landemarre 

- Kronos

- My AES

- others

David Brylka (GT Turbo) Topaze (30 000 lines of 68000 ASM) http://cerebral-vortex.net/index.php?id=85
Anodyne Software
(Roger Burrows)

- ExtenDOS Gold

- CD Writer II Suite

Peter Persson

- SMS Plus : Sega Master System Emulator

- Frodo : Commodore 64 Emulator

- x128

- fMSX

- ColEM

- v2600 : VCS2600 Emulator

- Handy : Lynx Emulator

- CaSTaway : ST Emulator

- PeNES (my own NES emulator, currently 75% finished)

-emu68k (experimental userland 68k emulator, fairly useless on a standard machine but could provide binary compatibility on  ColdFire, PPC etc).

- Conholio (TosWin replacement, much much faster + proper VT100 compatibility).

- LibMoCo (framebuffer library).

Miro Kropacek

- Porting some Amiga/PC open source games (Quake and Duke Nukem 3D are reality, some possible options: Descent, Hexen II).
- Maybe adding/enabling/debugging ethernet support into Quake and Duke3D
- Amiga port of every new demo by The Black Lotus :)
- Some FreeMiNT related things (depends on my time/motivation)

Pawel Goralski

- REminiscence (flashback interpreter, SDL based)

- Several wrappers for PureC (mainly for getting access to CT60 features and for ACE tracker replay).

- Midi replay api for Roland mt-32 family of synthetisers

Lonny Pursell (Hades060) - GFA-Basic Editor (GEM)
- GFA-Basic Compiler
- GFA-Basic Linker
- GFA-Basic Library
- AtarIRC (IRC chat client)
- Atari VNC (VNC Client)
Anders Eriksson

- Lots of demos (and a demo core system library that many people use).
- Developing a multitasking demo core.
- SND Ployer (YM chipmusic).
- T.A.P. (Art Of Noise synthersizer player)
- Dump (module player).
- Ginsds (graoumf tracker player).
- N.T.K. (Nullos player).
- Whip! Virtual light machine plugins.

Joakim Högberg AtarICQ. Tester for HighWire www.ataricq.org
Teemu Hukkanen

Debian developer, and as such would like to have the next Debian release support Atari in general, CT60 in specific.